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How can I get Radiant hildegun soul stone in MU Legend?

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Posted on: 02/24/18
Recently, my friend encountered a problem in the game, a task requires a lot of Radiant hildegun soul stone.  In the crafting screen it show that this soul stone can be obtained from Fields. Where is "fields" exactly?

Here is the answer: Rift Overdrives happen when enough people have entered a Rift in an area to send it into overdrive. When this happens you can enter the Rift as many times as you want during the overdrive without deducting from your daily allowed entries.

Rift Invasions(field raid) happen after the timer for Overdrive runs out. The continent that went into overdrive will be invaded and a special dungeon will appear somewhere on that continent. Find that dungeon, complete the mission and earn cool rewards from the boss cubes you can claim if you succeed. You must have at least 12 people for the instance to begin and I believe it is limited to 20 people per instance. Don't worry, multiple instances can open during the Invasion times.

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